I recommend the following authors and their works:

Khaled Saeed

The first recommendation is a book written by a dear friend of mine: Storyteller’s Tales by Khaled Saeed. Within this book, you’ll find a number of short stories, each written from a unique character perspective. The tales explore the nuances of humanity, connections with and disconnections from one another and the natural world. You’ll read stories of joy, sorrow, awakening. Each story is superbly written with careful word choice and sentence structure, all in beautiful harmony for clarity and flow. The haunting prose captivates the mind as seen in “Two Blinks”

“My thoughts grew as confused as her mind was chaotic. So, amid this commotion, what pacified it all? What kept these fiercely divergent pieces together? How could one make sense out of these competing stimulants? ‘See? That’s why I never ventured into my mind.’ Her voice resonated from eons before the beginning of time. But time had ceased to exist. The blink was eternity itself. It was time to leave.”

Jon Aaron Sandler

The next recommendation is author Jon Aaron Sandler’s website wherein you’ll find one section with stories about a world in isolation and the other section with stories about a young man finding a self within himself. Using unique character art and voice with his clever storytelling, Jon writes realistic and compelling characters within a world that is both aggressively and passively painful, explored through the narrator’s inner thoughts and complex family relationships. This line from “let’s f*cking go” delivers a gut-punch,

“I don’t want any distractions from the task at hand: rebuilding a self I can take back out into the world.”

These stories are raw and honest, at times humorous and always thoughtful.



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